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my wife

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Mel doesn’t like having her photo taken. She has no idea how beautiful she is.


Snap snap kerching kerching

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I have a dilemma! There seem to be many narrow gates in photography and you can’t charge at them all at the same time. One thing i like about being a photographer is that if i get bored i just have to re focus. But at the moment i need to decide which targets to aim at or ill miss all of them.

I like Taking photos of people, OK there’s a start. I like music, cars, fast things, dance, strange dangerous sports and having fun making money. So i need to find people who need photos of people doing these things and get them to pay me. Simple!

This is my friend mat, the gear surrounding him is a good example of what can happen when someone with a passion for something just gets up and does something.

They are all beautiful, at least for one day!

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You couldn’t find a more beautiful bride if you paid a modeling agency and set up the perfect shot.
This photo was taken at Christian and Lisa’s wedding a few months ago.
A total pleasure to photograph.

A few years ago I asked a friend if he actually liked being a wedding photographer or if he just does it for the money. I couldn’t understand what he could possibly love about it. But recently after shooting another wedding with my friend Darren from Promise studio i couldn’t sleep for two days.Just thinking about The shots, the gear and lighting we used. I find I’m getting a huge buzz out of it.

weddings, originally uploaded by corex.

yorke new yorke

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I dont think it would be possible for me to be more proud of a bunch of young guys even if they were my own brothers. Yorke are a band and this is a photo of one of their guitarists jordan. They still have a long adventure in rock and roll to travel but they are already showing signs of having the “spirit”! Jimmy had it, keith had it, pete has it and its very important in these days of plastic, autotuned, soulless excuses for bands that it is present.

I believe that yorke can melt your face, crush your toes, and make your ears bleed and look good doing it.

Check out some more photos of this great band here.

way cool junior

Posted in music by iammyownenemy on November 27, 2008

Recently i had the stressful pleasure of photographing one of our countries best music producers!

Nash Chambers loves music, the way he talks about it is inspiring. I only spent half an hour with him trying to photograph while the sky unleashed hail and rain with occasional glimpses of sunshine, but i went home excited.

Totally authentic and intimidating in a way that makes you want to know him, Nash is one of the last true “music” producers.

my brother

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This is Levi, he is my sisters boy.

His story is amazing, suffice it to say he shouldn’t be with us, his birth was very traumatic and it could have turned out very badly. Thanks to God we have Levi. Probably the most intelligent and beautiful kid iv ever met and i get to call him my bro. One of my favorite photos, he looks like a robot and i love robots.

The band you should sign if you want to change the world!

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The band is Cotton Sidewalk! If i had three goes at trying to describe them the machine would swallow my card and spit it out as confetti. But if you can imagine E.L.O/ Led Zeppelin/ That song from sesame street with the pinball machine/ all the songs from the Forrest Gump soundtrack and five of your favorite songs you’d come close to getting the idea. I met them when i lived in Newcastle and was playing in a band called Luke, these guys were fans of my band and used to come to every show. I ended up recording their first album and we are in the middle of their new one right now. The middle guys name is Adam and he is a genius. His wife is on the left her name is Heather and she plays in orchestras and the other guy is Marty and he is a pilot and a freak heart playing drummer.

We took this photo near my house in the late afternoon, it was freezing and I only got off around ten frames before we gave up and raced back to the car.

some real bruises

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My name is corey e sleap and i am am emerging photographer from Melbourne Australia.
This photo of Leah was taken after a summer camp, the story is that she was playing a ballgame with one hundred other people and came off second best after a tackle gone wrong. This on of my favorite photos, i love it because its authentic, but she still looks beautiful even with those colorful bruises.
shot with a cheap $25 flash pointed at the wall creating light streams and one strobe over my head and diffused with a white umbrella.
The funny part of this story was that she was trying to tackle her boyfriend!
corey e sleap
these are real bruises

these are real bruises